The best fishing villages in Vietnam

The best fishing villages in Vietnam

Vietnam provides a plethora of beautiful beach vacation spots. When you arrive there, you may be enticed by the beautiful beaches and the opportunity to immerse yourself in marine life, fishing villages, and animal forests. In this article, we’ll discuss the greatest fishing villages in Vietnam to visit when you’re on vacation.

Fishing villages that encapsulate Phu Yen’s untouched beauty

An Hai Fishing Village, Phu Yen

Although the route leading to An Hai fishing village converges many notable Phu Yen sights such as Bai Xep, thanks to the ancient devotion of Mang Lang, Hon Yen, or Hon Yen, An Hai fishing village is not well-known. An Hai fishing village is the ideal “location” to visit for travel addicts who want to explore Phu Yen to get a sense of calm and briefly “hide” from the noisy and expensive visit. 

An Hai fishing town is lucky to be surrounded by nature’s pristine beauty, which is something that not everyone can enjoy. Simply go to An Hai fishing hamlet and look around; you’ll be surprised by the scene of boats tied on huge stretches of golden sand, clear and turquoise water where you can see the moss, and schools of guppies, as well as little, picturesque roofs. When you visit An Hai fishing village, you will be able to observe the beauty of one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Phu Yen, which is known as the “Pearl of the South Central Coast,” as well as immerse yourself in the rustic life of the residents.

Xuan Hai Fishing Village, Phu Yen

Xuan Hai fishing village is located in Song Cau town, Phu Yen province, and is surrounded by Nuu Binh Dinh by Cu Mong pass. It is not difficult for Phu Yen tourists to visit Xuan Hai because it is located right on the highway; simply drive to the province’s end to witness a calm small fishing town by the sea and sky. Originally a fishing community with strong coastal characteristics, Xuan Hai now considers the ocean to be its second home. Aside from husbandry and farming, the Xuan Hai people spend most of their time on boats, floating on the open sea, casting fishing nets, and pulling fish.

Visitors to Xuan Hai on a tranquil summer day appear to be relieved of all the stress brought on by chaos, reigniting their passion for this little, rustic, yet lovely area. The tile-roofed cottages are more spacious than before, set in the green of rising coconut groves, swaying with the surrounding mountains and hills, and facing the sea, with the gentle blue color of the sea visible just by opening your eyes and savoring the flavor of the sea something will make your heart flutter on the bends of the narrow concrete road leading deep into the village.

Ganh Do Fishing Village, Phu Yen

The fishing community of Ganh Do is known for its seafaring and fish sauce production. This is a little-known tiny fishing community nestled among small red-brown rocks in the Xuan Dai Bay area. Maybe that’s where the name Ganh Do originates from. The life of the people of Ganh Do hamlet is quiet, simple, and rustic in accordance with the intrinsic character of this place, almost separated from the rush and bustle of the metropolis.

Phu Quoc’s charming fishing villages

Hon Thom fishing village

Hon Thom fishing village is a well-known fishing village on Phu Quoc. Hon Thom fishing town is located 30 minutes from An Thoi port in the An Thoi archipelago. You can view the gorgeous scenery in the village after disembarking from the high-speed boat. Despite its small size, the community has a lot of potential for tourism and aquaculture development. The image of locals crocheting nets in the temporary buildings next to the beach will captivate you as soon as you step into the settlement. You will be able to witness unique sea species such as turtles, abalone, grouper, and others.

Rach Tram fishing village

The fishing town of Rach Tram is located on the northern shore of Phu Quoc Island. The area is practically cut off from the town’s hustle and bustle. You will be astonished by the quiet environment and stunning scenery after overcoming the difficult route to get here.

When you visit Rach Tram fishing village, you can observe how local fishermen go about their everyday activities. Rach Tram’s seawater differs from that of other Phu Quoc beaches. Mud from the forest along the stream that goes into the sea is buried beneath the sand. As a result, offshore fishing is the primary source of income for the majority of the residents. 

You’ll also have the chance to explore the Rach Tram River and the Ham Rong mountain beach. You will see the untouched beauty of the Rach Tram River while staying aboard a wooden boat. The scenery varies dramatically along both sides of the river, from indigo trees to mangrove forests.


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