Palm Beach Hotel – Phu Yen is known by many tourists for its beautiful sea view and many fresh seafood dishes. To meet the culinary needs of guests, Palm Beach Hotel owns a restaurant and bar offering a wide selection of European and Asian cuisines. Diners can not only enjoy Vietnamese traditional dishes, but also enjoy the French, Italian, Australian style dishes… With airy, spacious space, quality dishes extremely delicious, just mouth to ensure visitors will have a great experience with their family and friends.

In particular, Palm Beach Hotel owns good and professional chefs, so it ensures that the food has a different taste and is delicious to eat. To get a multi-course meal at Palm Beach Hotel, it will take you about 15 minutes to wait. Perhaps this time is a bit long for Vietnamese people, but when you try the dishes that are prepared according to the principle of taste, you will feel completely satisfied with your wait.

The price of food at Palm Beach Hotel is always suitable for diners’ pocket, moreover, the quality of the food is delicious, the service is good and the space is cool and clean, so Palm Beach Hotel always attracts a lot of visitors.