How far is it from Phu Yen to Eo Gio?

How far is it from Phu Yen to Eo Gio?

How far is it from Phu Yen to Eo Gio? You don’t have much time but want to take a tour of Phu Yen – Binh Dinh. As a result, the tour to Phu Yen – Eo Gio (Windy Strait) will be your first reasonable option. As a result, the question of how many kilometers is it from Phu Yen to the Eo Gio appears frequently on travel forums. And if you’re wondering the same thing, head over to the following article to find the answer with Palm Beach Hotel.

How far is it from Phu Yen to Eo Gio (Quy Nhon)?

Quy Nhon city in Binh Dinh province and Song Cau town in Phu Yen province are both located in Vietnam’s central coastal area and are adjacent to each other in Song Cau town in Phu Yen province. What is the distance between Eo Gio (Quy Nhon) and Phu Yen? It takes about 2 hours to travel from Quy Nhon to Phu Yen along National Highway 1A, which is only 136 kilometers long, and you can easily move between these two provinces by many different means.

You can easily travel from Phu Yen to Eo Gio by following National Highway 1A. (Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh). As a result, the measured road distance is approximately 153km. This is not a long distance, so you can travel from Phu Yen to Eo Gio using a variety of modes of transportation.

What is the vehicle to get from Phu Yen to Eo Gio?

You’re probably wondering about the best mode of transportation between Phu Yen and Eo Gio now that you’ve answered the question of how many kilometers there are between the two places. And, according to the travel experience, there are three ways to get from Phu Yen to Eo Gio (Quy Nhon):


Those who are passionate about exploring new places will undoubtedly find the picturesque Phu Yen – Eo Gio road to be the ultimate challenge. As a result, with a distance of 153km, traveling by motorcycle from Phu Yen to Eo Gio will take you more than 2 hours. This distance is not difficult to travel, but it requires people who are physically fit and enjoy backpacking.


The bus will be the ideal vehicle for the journey to Phu Yen – Eo Gio for large groups of friends who are not good at finding their way or those who are far away from Quy Nhon. As a result, traveling from Phu Yen to Eo Gio or vice versa will take approximately 2 hours. The cost of transportation by sleeper bus, in particular, is now quite low, ranging from 60,000 to 100,000 VND per trip depending on the car company. Because this fare is affordable for everyone, the bus is a popular way to travel from Phu Yen to Eo Gio.


Traveling by train from Phu Yen to Eo Gio is an interesting experience that you should try. Train tickets from Tuy Hoa station to Dieu Tri station (Quy Nhon) start at 100,000 VND/person, depending on the seat class. The distance between the two stations is 112km, and the travel time is 2h30p, making it very convenient for you to get to the city’s major tourist attractions. Train tickets to Eo Gio can be purchased at the train station or online via the website. When compared to buying tickets at the counter, you should buy online to ensure you have a seat and do not have to choose a seat for too long.

Suggestions for tourist attractions in Phu Yen – Eo Gio

With a distance of just over 150km without taking much time to travel, you must be wondering which famous places to visit. And this is one of the travel options chosen by many people for your reference:

Where to go when traveling to Phu Yen?

– Xep beach – where there are green grass fields and dreamy blue coast.

– Ganh Da Dia ( Da Dia reef) – Is one of the natural treasures bestowed on Phu Yen that cannot be found anywhere else.

– Mon beach: less than half a kilometer long but classified as a national scenic spot

– Mang Lang Church: birthplace of Blessed Andrew Phu Yen, one of the patron martyrs of Catholic youth.

What does Eo Gio tourism have?

– Eo Gio (Windy Strait) – known as the place to welcome the most beautiful sunset in Vietnam.

– Thi Nai Bridge is one of the longest sea-crossing bridge in Vietnam.

– Ky Co with emerald green water along with long and smooth white sand beaches.

Where to stay from Phu Yen to Eo Gio?

Allow a full day to explore the Phu Yen – Eo Gio route if you visit Phu Yen first. Palm Beach Hotel is always a good choice for a place to stay in Phu Yen after a long journey.

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Perhaps you have the answer to the distance between Phu Yen and Eo Gio. Make plans to visit Phu Yen – Eo Gio soon. Also, if you want to stay in a high-class hotel, don’t forget to visit Palm Beach Hotel.