List of bus service to Phu Yen 2023

List of bus service to Phu Yen 2023

I’ll provide a list of bus operators to Phu Yen 2023 in this article so that tourists can start their vacation off appropriately. When getting ready to begin the journey to explore Phu Yen land, one of the questions that many visitors are most curious about is selecting the mode of transportation. Although they save travel time, airplanes are generally more expensive than other forms of transportation. Trains are not well-liked by tourists because they make few excursions and take a long time to go. Buses are the best option for people who wish to save money and time.

Phuc Thuan Thao Phu Yen bus station

Phuc Thuan Thao is recognized as the most significant and oldest bus station in Phu Yen with a sizable fleet and a network of buses dispersed around the nation. The majority of the vehicles here are brand-new, of great quality, and come with high-speed wifi that you may use while driving. The reason Phuc Thuan Thao has become a preferred bus operator in Phu Yen is due to the high caliber of the vehicle as well as the convenience and variety of routes across the nation.

Phu Yen’s bus house – Phuong Trang

xe phương trang đi phú yên
xe phương trang đi phú yên

For individuals who enjoy traveling, the word Phuong Trang is no longer unfamiliar. With its popularity, professionalism, and a high-quality fleet of vehicles, Phuong Trang is steadily building a reputation as a bus company to Phu Yen that many visitors can rely on. One of the benefits of the Phuong Trang bus operator is that customers can purchase bus tickets online without having to go to the ticket office or call the hotline to book, quickly taking care of their travel requirements. This is the largest bus company in the nation with a comprehensive network- Phuong Trang.

Phu Yen’s Cuc Tu bus station

One of the major and well-known bus companies in Phu Yen is Cuc Tu Bus, which has excellent, devoted, and professional service drivers and attendants. Due to its friendliness and committed service, Cuc Tu is still a name that many tourists trust and choose even though it is not as widely known as other bus operators. 

Bus terminal at Binh Phuong Phu Yen

Binh Phuong bus is one of the well-known bus companies that travel to Phu Yen. The Binh Phuong bus operator has won the trust and affection of several tourists by offering numerous excursions each day and consistently addressing their travel demands. Binh Phuong bus is another excellent option for going to Phu Yen, despite just transporting passengers from Phu Yen to Ho Chi Minh City and not to other locations like other major bus companies.

Phu Yen’s Nam Rum Bus House

The Nam Rum bus is a more recent bus than the others to Phu Yen. Visitors only need to get in the car and go to sleep because it is brand new and of good quality; when they wake up, they will find themselves enjoying the fresh, cool, and somewhat saline environment of the sea of the sunny land. Visitors must pay attention because the bus only travels along the Phu Yen-Saigon route and does not stop at many other locations.

Sao – Limousine Phu Yen

Sao – Phu Yen Limousine recently created a bus company that offers coaches and taxis in addition to service to Phu Yen. Newly purchased passenger vehicle fleet painted blue for simple brand identification. Along with regular sleeper buses, the Sao brand also offers limousine buses with premium and professional service standards.

Thanh Ban bus station

There are no ticket counters at addresses in the city center at this bus station, which is instead located in Phu Lam bus station and serves the Phu Yen route. Your journey will be seamless thanks to the high caliber of the vehicles and the kind, knowledgeable service, allowing you to experience Phu Yen’s stunning landscape with a positive attitude. The Thanh Ban bus firm invests in a limousine bus that travels the Saigon Phu Yen route in addition to the standard sleeper bus.

Another ways to get to Phu Yen


The Air Tuy Hoa airport is seven kilometers south of the city center and across the river. Daily flights are available to Hanoi and HCMC (Jetstar, Vietnam Airlines, and VietJet).


At the western end of the city, at 146 Le Trung Kien Street, lies the Train Tuy Hoa train station (close to Nguyen Tat Thanh Street and 400 metres south of the bus station). It serves as a regular stop on the Reunification Express, which departs regularly every day for Hanoi and HCMC in opposite directions. Compared to Tuy Hoa’s buses, the railway is straightforward and far less confusing.


Not only saving time for visitors to conquer many destinations, but also a means of saving travel costs. Visitors can use the list of bus companies serving Phu Yen as a starting point for their youth excursion. Additionally, if you’re unsure of which hotel to stay at in Phu Yen, come to Palm Beach Hotel. We’re here to serve you with 4-star level accommodations as well as a variety of intriguing services to make your vacation more enjoyable.