The experience of going to Phu Yen 4 days 3 nights

The experience of going to Phu Yen 4 days 3 nights

Coming to Phu Yen in the summer, you will probably feel all the beauty of this coastal city, of the blue sea, as it is a city of sunshine, wind, and pristine beaches stretching endlessly. The golden sand sparkles in the summer sun, just like Vietnam’s “Jeju island.” Everyone will experience all of the most beautiful things in Phu Yen today, such as conquering the country’s easternmost tip at Dai Lanh Cape, exploring the giant discus rocks rarely seen in Ganh Da Dia, or walking on the road in the middle of the sea at Nhat Tu Son Island, in the experience of going to Phu Yen 4 days 3 nights shared below. All of this contributes to a trip that you will remember long after you leave, a meaningful and memorable journey.

Day 1: traveling to the north of Phu Yen

Spend an entire day traveling to the north of Phu Yen, and the first destination should be land in the province’s northernmost part bordering Binh Dinh province: Song Cau district. It would be a mistake to list all of Song Cau’s destinations in one day, so this article recommends visiting the following outstanding locations: Cu Mong Pass, Cu Mong Lagoon, Xuan Dai Bay, Nhat Tu Son Island, Tuyet Diem salt village, and Co Vung Lam village are all worth seeing.

Ca Pass is in South Phu Yen, and Cu Mong Pass is in North Phu Yen. Moving along the pass to see the entire Cu Mong lagoon will be a wonderful experience, and you can stop to take many views from above. beautiful, then move to Cu Mong Lagoon to enjoy Cau River specialties such as crabs, grouper, and snails,… When visiting Cu Mong Lagoon, choose restaurants floating in the middle of the field. You can both observe fishermen’s activities, and eat cheap and affordable seafood. Furthermore, you can speak directly with the locals here to ask and answer more questions about the destinations you will visit in Song Cau.

Stay overnight in Song Cau town: After spending the day exploring Song Cau, spend the night here to prepare for the journey to discover other parts of North Phu Yen on day 2.

Day 2: North of Phu Yen

Mang Lang Church, Da Dia reef, O Loan Lagoon – Thanh Luong Pagoda – Bai Xep, North Phu Yen for the title of the day 2 schedule suggests that readers will discover that there are still other points missing of North Phu Yen must! The above destinations are highlights that can be visited at any time of year without being affected by weather factors, such as going to Hon Yen during the low season or Ong Cop wooden bridge during the off-season. Furthermore, each point in the title above will be the center point, with some other points not far away. If you want to visit more places, consider taking a lunch break to eat at O Loan lagoon and along this journey, you will encounter many specialties of Phu Yen.

Day 3: Exploring South of Phu Yen

You have two options for Day 3’s schedule:

Option 1

The itinerary will be: Get up early and start moving from the city at 4 am to see the first land average at the easternmost point. Follow the sea route towards Phuoc Tan – Bai I – Dien cape- Mon beach – Vung Ro bay – Hon Nua – Passing the Ca Pass to Tuy Hoa. This is usually the journey of a self-sufficient tour group, but it is difficult to follow a group of guests, and it is difficult to get up early, if a group of guests can check in before dawn, it will be a real trip the significance of visiting Phu Yen.

You are lucky to see the sunrise with this schedule, but having to swim in Hon Nua beach at noon, when the sun is 12-14h, is quite harsh, depending on your fitness and adaptability. The later the afternoon on the island, the more wind there will be, so the next route is route 2 to allow you to fully enjoy Hon Nua in the morning but miss the dawn at Mui Dien.

Option 2

No need to get up too early; leave the city at 7:00 a.m. after breakfast, then follow the itinerary: Passing Ca Pass (National Highway 1A – Dong Hoa district) – Checking in at Vung Ro – Snorkeling at Hon Nua – Ship No Number – Conquering Mui Dien, Bai Mon in the afternoon – Checking in at Phuoc Tan beach – Bai Nga – Walking along the coast to Tuy Hoa city. This route is said to give you enough time to visit the numberless ship relic in Vung Ro Bay and fully explore Hon Nua, but you are forced to skip watching the sunrise at Mui Dien and instead conquer Mui Dien in the afternoon after having enough energy at Vung Ro Bay. This is a typical itinerary for visitors looking to explore Phu Yen.

Day 4: Exploring Tuy Hoa City  

If you stick to the schedule of the three days above, you will be exhausted after discovering South Phu Yen, because you will have to sunbathe, climb mountains, and travel. There are numerous activities available, so this suggestion to discover Tuy Hoa will allow you to chill out. Nghinh Phong Tower – Tuy Hoa Beach check-in Panoramic view of the city from Nhan Mountain. After visiting the points mentioned above in Tuy Hoa, spend the rest of your time exploring the city’s cuisine. 

It is now the tourist season in Phu Yen, so what are you waiting for? Do not book tickets to Phu Yen right away after reading this article! I am confident that readers who have read this article will have wonderful and all-encompassing experiences in Phu Yen. Remember not to visit Phu Yen in just 1-2 days, let’s spend more than that; if you have visited Phu Yen, please leave a comment and tell us about your experience with Phu Yen!